The International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE 2014), Greece, 3 and 5 July 2014


The International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE 2014), which will be held on Kos island, Greece, between 3 and 5 July, will seek to address the many challenges and new directions presented by technological innovations in educational settings.
Keynote Speaker.
Santosh Panda, Professor of Distance Education, Staff training & Research Institute of Distance Education at the Indira Gandhi National Open University, India
This call is for papers, workshops and poster sessions examining the theoretical and practical applications of technology in education at all levels in both the public and private sectors.
If you are interested in presenting a paper, please submit your abstract online via this link: http://bit.ly/1f1q5TB
by February 21, 2014.
All proposals are peer reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.
For more information please visit www.icicte.org or contact me at nancypyrini@icicte.org.

από AnOiko

Ψυχολόγος, Μαθηματικός,
Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής Παιδαγωγικού Τμήματος Α.Σ.ΠΑΙ.Τ.Ε. στη Θεσσαλονίκη
(Ε.Π.ΠΑΙ.Κ., Π.Ε.ΣΥ.Π. και Μ.Π.Σ. "Οργάνωση και Διοίκηση της Εκπαίδευσης")


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