Ernst von Glasersfeld (8 March 1917 – 12 November 2010) and the radical constructivism

Έλαβα σήμερα την παρακάτω επιστολή Dear readers Today we celebrate the centenary of Ernst von Glasersfeld who founded radical constructivism in 1974 as "an unconventional approach to the problems of knowledge and knowing. It starts from the assumption that knowledge, no matter how it is defined, is in the heads of persons, and that the [...]

Ανδρέας Οικονόμου: διαβάστε με στο Academia…

Σήμερα: 02-10-2018  

MEDCONF 2012: 7th Mediterranean Conference on Mathematics Education

MEDCONF2012 -EASTWEST2012 East-Meets-West on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Congress and Exhibition Under the auspices of the Cyprus presidency of the European Council 2012 CONGRESS Conference Session MEDCONF 2012: 7th Mediterranean Conference on Mathematics Education   Theme: Research, Challenge, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Mathematics Education Organizer: Cyprus Mathematical Society (CMS) and University of Cyprus Chair: Gagatsis [...]